Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fairy-kei Fantasies

I think its about time I made another post,so for anyone reading this,Sorry for the delay! Instead of Blogging about Lolita,which is what I normally do,I've decided to post about Fairy-kei. I have been brainwashed by this style lately,so I wanted to give some advice to others that may be interested in it or the SPANK! style. The first thing you should know about Fairy-kei is that most of it is inspired by the 80's. Its basically a Pastel pop 80's inspired fashion. Most Fairy-kei Girls wear clothes with characters like Care Bears & My Little Pony on them. The style is very much about making your clothes or accessories,so I guess you could say that its a more affordable fashion than Lolita,although some girls do sew their on Dresses in Lolita too. :) If you are unsure as too what Fairy-kei fashion looks like,I decided to take the liberty to add some pictures of it too this post:
As you can see,Layering tights and leg warmers is popular within Fairy-kei. Be careful that you don't layer them too much,as you don't want your legs too look chubby. However,you don't always have to layer socks,you could just wear some pastel coloured tights or some cute over-the-knee socks(: Moving onto the shoes,most Fairy-kei girls wear cute hi-tops,here are some examples of them: 
Pastel Colours are also extremely popular,which is why most of the shoes pictured above have those sorts of colours on them. Sketchers will probably do some similar shoes to these,so its always worth looking. To be honest,I'm not 100% sure where you would get them,as I don't have any of these shoes yet. But I would recommend looking online. These aren't the only shoes you can wear,you could also wear pastel-coloured converse or cute little pumps with bows on them. Regarding Accessories,anything cute will do. Jewelery with cute little characters on them will do. Make sure that the accessories you wear match with your outfit,otherwise it may look odd. Mintymix do some fairy-kei worthy necklaces and rings. You can also look in claires,they sometimes do some  
pretty-patterned bows or bracelets. You have probably already guessed that the main colours for Fairy-kei are pastels,so light Pinks,Blues,Yellows and Greens are suitable for the fashion. Neon Orange is also a popular colour. Unlike Lolita,which usually only has up to 3 colours on each clothes coordination,Fairy-kei can have as many as 5-6.
Most girls wear cute shirts with characters such as My Little Pony,Carebears, (As I already mentioned in this entry) Sanrio characters such as Cinnamoroll and My Melody and any other shirts with cute designs. Make sure you stick to the Fairy-kei colour theme though. As for your lower body,you can wear tutu's or short frilly skirts. Petticoats aren't a must,but you can always wear one underneath your skirt if you would like too. Pumpkin Pants are also pretty popular as well. 
Lastly,Hair. Most Fairy-kei girls have unnatural coloured hair - meaning its dyed a different colour or they wear wigs. But of course you can ust use your normal hair and look on Youtube for some Hair Tutorials(: 
I know what your thinking,Where can I find any of this? The following are sites that do some really kawaii Fairy-kei clothes and accessories:
Electric Alice - An online site based in Australia,make sure you check out their "Fairy" section in their website. (They also do Lolita stuff!)
ManiaQ! - They ship overseas! I'm thinking of buying some stuff from there,everything they do is super kawaii! 
Minty Mix - As I mentioned earlier,they do some fairy-kei worthy accessories,and they even sell wigs!
I'm sure that you could also find some pretty trustworthy sites if you looked online! 

If you have any questions,or would like me to write more about Fairy-kei,then please let me know! 
Thanks for your attention
~ Rima. 

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