Monday, 28 February 2011

Shopping Online for Lolita - Do's & Don'ts

I meant to post this yesterday,But my Internet was down and I was in London for the majority of the day.
What I wanted to talk about in this entry is Shopping Online for Lolita Clothing. I've seen many people of Yahoo Answers and various other websites ask: "Are there any reliable Lolita shopping websites?"
My answer to this is,Yes,There are. But you have to be careful before you buy anything from these online shopping sites. Before I buy from anywhere on the internet,I always research it to see if I should trust it. Because the last thing you want is badly made Loli clothes that could easily rip if your not careful.

My advice for you is NEVER shop at LolitaShow/Milanoo. It doesn't mater how trustworthy they look,I can guarantee you they are not. First of all,There clothes are made of out really cheap fabrics and are of bad quality. Secondly,If you do order from there,It takes a heck of a lot of time for them to deliver your items to you. I almost brought from Milanoo before,and I would of made a very big mistake if I didn't research the website before hand. If you have brought from either of those 2 websites and have gotten some decent Lolita clothing & are incredibly pleased with what you got,then your lucky. Lolitashow/Milanoo is definitely not a place where first time Lolitas should shop.

I tend to order from FanplusFriend (Thank you Chiru for warning me about Bodyline) from what I've read they are a pretty trustworthy website ans their clothes are set at reasonable prices. As I just said above,Chiru had warned me not to shop at Bodyline,as you may have to pay an extremely high Custom Tax price. (She had to pay $30!)

The most reliable websties your going to find are probably the actual Lolita brands. (Such as Angelic Pretty,Baby the stars shine bright & Innocent world) But as its proper Loli brands,of course the prices are going to be pretty high. So I think the best one to go for is Fanplusfriend. :D

The best advice to give you (I know I have already mentioned this alot in this entry) Is to always look into the websites BEFORE you purchase anything from them.

I think I've rambled on for long enough in this post,So I bid you good day. :P


^ Please note that the above website prices are in US Dollars. If you live outside the US you can easily convert those prices into your countries currency by going to a website such as (Which is where I convert them)

- Rima <3

Friday, 25 February 2011

Possible New Clothing for my Lolita Wardrobe!

I can see myself getting extremely addicted to blogging. xD
Anways,I'm back with my second post & I'd like to write about some beautiful Dresses and Accessories I've seen on the internet. As we are sort of getting into Summer now (Already!),I have been looking for more Summer-ish Loli Clothing and dresses. So I was looking on Fanplusfriend as I usually do and found myself drooling over how gorgeous some of the dresses were<3

This isn't what I would usually go for,as I'm more of a Gothic Lolita type,but I found the detail and the design so pretty,it was hard not to resist it. xD At the price of $77.90 (Approximately £48),It seemed pretty affordable(:

Gothic Lolita: Neat Square Collar Patch Trimming Dress*black
This one has a pretty basic design,Its not too complicated.but I think its super pretty(:  Its only a tiny bit more expensive than the previous one, $79.99 (Approx. £49) But In my opinion,I think its set at a reasonable price.

On to the Blouses and Accessories:

Gothic Lolita Baby Doll Sweet, Cotton Lace Shirt&Cape
This was entitled "Sweet/Classic Lolita Baby Doll Blouse" I think it would work for both catergorys,Don't you agree? It states on the website that it does not come with the Skirt,which was fine by me as the Blouse seemed to be more eye catching for me. (:  It is priced at $55.00 (Approx. £34) Again,This price works for me,its not to expensive & not to cheap. In a way,Its the perfect price for such a detailed blouse.

I absolutely adore these type of Headdresses,So when I found this one my jaw dropped. D:  It is at the price of $8.00 (£4) So I could easily buy this when I wish too(:

Gothic Lolita Embroidery Bow&Hair Band*10colors
Again,another very affordable Bow/Headdress,$6.00 (£3) In fact.

Look at me,It seems as if I've been paid to advertise all this stuff! The only purpose of this blog post was to let you know what I've found and (hopefully!) will be getting. I don't own any of the Images,They are all from FanPlusFriend
Thanks for reading!
-Rima <3

Introduction to LolitaLove~♔

So here goes my first blog post,As an Introduction I'd love to tell you a little bit about My Interests and My Lolita Life(:

Basic Information:
Real name: Isabelle/Izzy/Belle
Birthday: December 21st
Height: 5ft 3
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown

My Interests:
So Rima,What else do you love other than Lolita? :D
I'm an Otaku, I love Anime,Manga & Cosplay! <3 My other interests include Art,Drawing,Dance,Sports & Writing stories.

About me:
I'm British,I live in a Small town near London. (Oh,How I wish I could live in the Countryside) I like to travel,but I can get really tired of long journeys. As cheesy as it sounds,I love to make new friends! I'd like to think myself as an outgoing,fun,kind person. Though sometimes I can be quite shy. D: If I was to meet you in real life,the first thing I would do is give you a hug. xD

My Life as a Lolita/How I became to like the fashion:
I have known about the Japanese fashion (e.g: Lolita,Harajuku,Decora,Visual-Kei) for a while now,but I have never really considered looking into any of the fashions or even becoming a Lolita. When I first decided to become a Lolita,the first thought that came into my mind was: "How am I supposed to be one without looking like a total wanna-be?" I think thats probably what most newbie Lolita's think aswell,Am I right? What I did was did a whole lot of research before I got any Lolita clothing,shoes or accessories. Because you wouldn't want to waste all your money buying stuff when you had never looked into the Lolita fashion. I also looked at various Lolita blogs on the internet,and read lots of posts about the fashion and the "Do's and Don'ts" of a Lolita. I personally,thought that doing that helped me a heck of a lot. Even now I still read Blogs about Loli,and I'm always on the hunt for tips & tricks. I wouldn't consider myself a expert on Lolita,but I have learnt a few things on my Frilly Adventures xD

Wow,This went on for longer than I expected,But thanks for your attention! ❤
- Rima. <3