Friday, 25 February 2011

Possible New Clothing for my Lolita Wardrobe!

I can see myself getting extremely addicted to blogging. xD
Anways,I'm back with my second post & I'd like to write about some beautiful Dresses and Accessories I've seen on the internet. As we are sort of getting into Summer now (Already!),I have been looking for more Summer-ish Loli Clothing and dresses. So I was looking on Fanplusfriend as I usually do and found myself drooling over how gorgeous some of the dresses were<3

This isn't what I would usually go for,as I'm more of a Gothic Lolita type,but I found the detail and the design so pretty,it was hard not to resist it. xD At the price of $77.90 (Approximately £48),It seemed pretty affordable(:

Gothic Lolita: Neat Square Collar Patch Trimming Dress*black
This one has a pretty basic design,Its not too complicated.but I think its super pretty(:  Its only a tiny bit more expensive than the previous one, $79.99 (Approx. £49) But In my opinion,I think its set at a reasonable price.

On to the Blouses and Accessories:

Gothic Lolita Baby Doll Sweet, Cotton Lace Shirt&Cape
This was entitled "Sweet/Classic Lolita Baby Doll Blouse" I think it would work for both catergorys,Don't you agree? It states on the website that it does not come with the Skirt,which was fine by me as the Blouse seemed to be more eye catching for me. (:  It is priced at $55.00 (Approx. £34) Again,This price works for me,its not to expensive & not to cheap. In a way,Its the perfect price for such a detailed blouse.

I absolutely adore these type of Headdresses,So when I found this one my jaw dropped. D:  It is at the price of $8.00 (£4) So I could easily buy this when I wish too(:

Gothic Lolita Embroidery Bow&Hair Band*10colors
Again,another very affordable Bow/Headdress,$6.00 (£3) In fact.

Look at me,It seems as if I've been paid to advertise all this stuff! The only purpose of this blog post was to let you know what I've found and (hopefully!) will be getting. I don't own any of the Images,They are all from FanPlusFriend
Thanks for reading!
-Rima <3

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