Friday, 25 February 2011

Introduction to LolitaLove~♔

So here goes my first blog post,As an Introduction I'd love to tell you a little bit about My Interests and My Lolita Life(:

Basic Information:
Real name: Isabelle/Izzy/Belle
Birthday: December 21st
Height: 5ft 3
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown

My Interests:
So Rima,What else do you love other than Lolita? :D
I'm an Otaku, I love Anime,Manga & Cosplay! <3 My other interests include Art,Drawing,Dance,Sports & Writing stories.

About me:
I'm British,I live in a Small town near London. (Oh,How I wish I could live in the Countryside) I like to travel,but I can get really tired of long journeys. As cheesy as it sounds,I love to make new friends! I'd like to think myself as an outgoing,fun,kind person. Though sometimes I can be quite shy. D: If I was to meet you in real life,the first thing I would do is give you a hug. xD

My Life as a Lolita/How I became to like the fashion:
I have known about the Japanese fashion (e.g: Lolita,Harajuku,Decora,Visual-Kei) for a while now,but I have never really considered looking into any of the fashions or even becoming a Lolita. When I first decided to become a Lolita,the first thought that came into my mind was: "How am I supposed to be one without looking like a total wanna-be?" I think thats probably what most newbie Lolita's think aswell,Am I right? What I did was did a whole lot of research before I got any Lolita clothing,shoes or accessories. Because you wouldn't want to waste all your money buying stuff when you had never looked into the Lolita fashion. I also looked at various Lolita blogs on the internet,and read lots of posts about the fashion and the "Do's and Don'ts" of a Lolita. I personally,thought that doing that helped me a heck of a lot. Even now I still read Blogs about Loli,and I'm always on the hunt for tips & tricks. I wouldn't consider myself a expert on Lolita,but I have learnt a few things on my Frilly Adventures xD

Wow,This went on for longer than I expected,But thanks for your attention! ❤
- Rima. <3

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