Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fairy Kei: Hair and Accessories

I've decided to make another entry about Fairy Kei! This time I'll be giving a more in-depth look into Hair and Accessories. (Hence the title) So lets just get straight into it! 
As I have said in my previous blog post,Fairy kei is very much about having unnatural colored Hair. You could dye your hair a Fairy Kei color (Pastel Colors; Light pink,Light blue,Light green) or,If your parents won't allow you to dye it,then you can always wear wigs. (Remember to stick to the color scheme,Don't buy Hot pink ones!)  

As you can see,Pastel pink is quite a popular choice for most Fairy kei girls. Moving on to Hairstyles; Personally,I don't think it matters what kind of Hairstyle you have From what I've seen,pigtails and buns are very cute and popular within the Fashion. Alot of girls just have their hair/wigs curled or straightened. 
Regarding Accessories: Big bows are extremely kawaii,I tend to but them in my hair alot & it can really add to the look! Be careful to to over-accessorize,otherwise it will look to OTT. (Unless thats what your aiming for,then thats fine) When your a beginner,only put a couple of bows or clips in your hair. Then,if you want to,you can add a little extra over time. I always stick to one or two Bows in my hair,but at the end of the day,its all about what you think suits you(:
I know I've mentioned this time and time again in my other posts but,Mintymix is super-duper good for cute wigs. Even I've got my eye one some of them. One piece of advice I can give you is to never buy any of those Halloween wigs that you see in some stores. Mainly because they are of very low quality and made out of cheap materials.
I think thats all for this post,any questions,just ask!
-Rima ^___^

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  1. the haircuts are really cute :) Nice blog !