Friday, 18 March 2011

Cosplay Progress: Updates!

I'm in a extremely hyper mood today.
I'm actually working on/planning a few Cosplays at the moment,so I thought I should update you all on my progress on them(: Because I'm nice.

Beyond Birthday: Death Note Another Note (For May EXPO 2011)
Wig: I know which one I'm buying,I just haven't ordered it yet.
Jeans: Got them! There sexy.
Shirt: Bought it
Red Contacts: I NEEEEED these so badly,but I don't really know when I'll get them. >.<
And of course all the make-up and stuff....I have that. 8D

Alois Trancy: Kuroshitsuji II (For October EXPO 2011)
Wig: Again,I know which one I'm getting,I just haven't got it yet.
Boots: Got them.
Long black socks: Got them.
Contacts: Don't need them (I already have blue eyes ;D)
Purple Jacket-thingy (I can't find the right word for it): Not yet.
Purple Shoe laces: Got them.
Shirt: Got. (;
Waistcoat: Haven't got.
Bow knot: Haven't got yet....

Oz Vessalius: Pandora Hearts (For May EXPO 2012 & possibly a CMV in 2012) 
Wig: Like every other cosplay on this list,I haven't not it yet,but I've got my eye on one. (;
Shirt: Got.
Waistcoat Jacket thing: Not yet.
Green Plaid shorts: Not yet.
Boots: Not yet.
So basically,I have NOTHING for this Cosplay. I'm totally not worried about it though. (:

Rima Touya: Vampire Knight (For October EXPO 2012) I plan too far ahead....
Wig: ONCE AGAIN,Know which one I'll get but haven't got it yet.
Long black socks: Got.
Shoes: Got.
Night Class Uniform: Not yet......
I haven't really got that much for this Cosplay. xD But I have more than a year to do it,so I'm not to bothered.

And thats it! I'm not too sure what Cosplays I'll be doing after these ones,but I'll think about that when the time comes. I'm thinking maybe the Cheshire Cat from Pandora hearts? ^_^ Anyways,as always,If you have any questions or are curious to know anything about my Cosplays,then ask away. :D
Thankies for reading. :3
-Rima. x

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  1. hello! ^_^/
    my name is ludimila and i'm from brazil =D
    (i'm otaku too!!! *-* and I've made 2 cosplays... but I think i can't call me a cosplayer...)

    I'm doing some research about the decorta style (the girls in harajuku)here, they are also known as fruits ^^ and i was wondering if you could help me with some information... do you known anything about this style? >_< I can only find their way of dress... and i need things like what they like to do, where they go to have fun, what they like to eat... things like that, you know >_<
    if you could help me... send me an e-mail please!

    i'm sorry for bother you... and congrats! you have such a kawaii blog! ^_^

    oh! and I love the fairy-kei style!!! I didn't know it!

    bay bay ^_^/